Cationyl ® - The Innovative Solution for Special Paper Manufacturing

The Cationyl ® product line of cationic pigment preparations is ideally suited for coloring paper pulp. Optimum pigment retention on the paper fibers ensures consistent coloring results during the entire production process.

Laboratory formulae can be more easily transferred to production. That shortens the paper machine set-up phase. As a result, brilliant coloring with high pigment additive levels is possible.


Surface Coloring with Flocculation-Stable
Color-Paste N Products

Our double-stabilized Color-Paste N products are especially recommended for use in paper coatings. Thanks to both steric as well as electrostatic pigment stabilization, these Color-Paste products are highly compatible with a very broad range of coating colors. This results in outstanding color strength development from shading variations up to rich color levels. Homogenization is speck-free in all commercially available binding agents.


Color-Paste L Products - The Best Choice for Lightfast Coloring of Decorative Papers

The Color-Paste L products are the best choice for coloring decorative papers. We only use extremely lightfast and acid-resistant color pigments in our Color-Paste L products. Our Color-Paste L products are solvent-free and have a low-foam formulation. The temperature and migration stability of our pigment preparations fully meet the stringent technical processing requirements. Of course, the Color-Paste L products are non-hazardous (no hazard labelling required) and APEO-free.

Color-Paste L