Company Philosophy

The royal color purple (in German: Purpur) or magenta is the only color that is not found within the sunlight spectrum.

Magenta is a mixture of the colors red and violet that both limit the spectrum of visible light. In its own mystical way, this special color symbolizes the "overcoming of darkness" as described by Goethe in his Theory of Colors.

In this regard, the development of pigment preparations is somewhat mysterious. Customers frequently have expectations that are impossible to meet. For example, a particular color shade should be applied to the widest range of materials. At the same time, the pigment preparations added must not change the particular technical characteristics of these materials. We are committed to meeting these complex requirements. This challenge is symbolized in our company name by the royal color magenta.

The word "Lab" in our company name reminds one of the sometimes arduous research and development work in the laboratory and the technical competence on which our products are based.

Intelligent solutions for difficult customer requests must be developed and thoroughly tested in a laboratory.

Additionally, "Lab" stands for the L a b values, well known in the field of colorimetry, that describe the color space and define the color shades. Thus, our company name also emphasizes PurpurLab's coloristic competence.