Color-Paste UV – for radiation-curing systems

This product line has been specifically produced to cover a wide range of capabilities in radiation-curing systems. The use of a bifunctional reactive diluent as a dispersion medium ensures a wide compatibility and low viscosity of the color pastes.

A very good compatibility in commercially available binders such as urethane, polyether and epoxy acrylates. Capabilities as follows:

• Adhesives
• Parquet oils
• Wood stains
• Ink Jet
• Process colors
• Printing inks
• Films
• Gelcoats
• Can-Coatings

The used coloured pigments were chosen for their high transparency. Lightfast and chemical-resistant pigments are deployed. The color pastes contain no photoinitiators and are very stable on storage. The products are easy to incorporate, free flowing and pumpable.

Color-Paste UV

Cationyl ® - Cationic Pigment Preparations

These water-based and VOC-free pigment dispersions are ideally suited for use with a broad range of cationic formulated coatings that are based both on cationic binding agents as well as on cationic dispersions and emulsions. The Cationyl ® product line covers the entire color spectrum. Specially selected, transparent pigments are available as Cationyl ® pigment preparations for coloring wood and cork surfaces.


Gain a Competitive Advantage with Customized PurpurLab Pigment Preparations

Upon request, PurpurLab can provide pigment dispersions manufactured according to customer specifications for special applications. PurpurLab delivers individual product solutions with well-defined technical, physical and visual characteristics that give its customers a true competitive advantage. We are ready to assist you with our highly competent development team and 20 years of experience in the field of pigment preparations. Our tailor-made solutions will help you to stay ahead of competition.
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Pigment Preparations